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‘American Higher Education in Crisis?’ — A Fact-Filled and Thought-Provoking Must-Read


“Whatever a university looks like today, it seems certain that the universities of 2030 will look very different.” 
Nature, 16 October, 2014
“Change is on the horizon, and the obstacles to innovation in higher education will be overcome
one way or another.”

Lloyd Armstrong, 2014
Goldie Blumenstyk’s new book, American Higher Education in Crisis?, should be required reading for anyone interested in the future of higher education — faculty, trustees, executives, and government officials, as well as analysts and pundits. Chock full of facts and analysis in a clear, logical and generally objective narrative context, this tightly crafted book is an in-depth exploration of the question posed in the title.
And while Blumenstyk comes down clearly on one side (“Yes,” she writes, “Higher education is most assuredly in crisis”), she follows with an assurance that “It certainly does not … spell doom for the thousands of colleges that make up American higher education.”


Ricardo Azziz, MD, MPH, MBA

A educator-scientist-executive with over 20 years of leadership experience in higher education, research, and healthcare, Dr. Azziz currently serves as Regents’ Professor, Augusta University; Senior Fellow, American Association of State Colleges & Universities; Visiting Scholar, Pullias Center for Higher Education, University of Southern California; and former founding CEO, Georgia Regents Health System.