Excellence in Leadership, Science and Education

Focused on improving our global community through excellence in discovery, learning, creativity, and leadership.

Leading By Example

Executive Leader

Focused on improving our global community through dedicated and passionate servant leadership

Throughout his career Dr. Azziz has served as an effective and passionate executive, administrator, leader and advocate in the areas of academic medicine, clinical & translational sciences, higher education, and healthcare.

Ensuring Excellence

Higher Education

Working to ensure student-centric & community value and excellence, in a changing and increasingly diverse world

Assuring Quality

Health & Healthcare

Devising strategies to meet the challenges of our population’s healthcare needs, while assuring organizational sustainability and growth

Crafting the Future


Developing systems to create, identify and market today’s discoveries to create tomorrow’s solutions

Ensuring Tomorrow’s Healthcare Workforce

Academic Medicine

Ensuring the highest quality and innovative programs training and educating our physician and health professional workforce.

Improving Health Through Discovery


Focused on improving our global community through innovative and quality clinical & translational research.

Dr. Azziz is an international authority on reproductive medicine, endocrinology, and surgery, with recognized expertise in the study of androgen excess (AE) disorders in women, including polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and 21-hydroxylase deficient non-classic adrenal hyperplasia (NCAH). Over the past 25 years he has developed a widely recognized research program, generating 500+ peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and reviews; 300+ abstracts and invited presentations; and nine texts, which has been extensively funded by the National Institutes of Health, among other agencies.


Discoveries are what good science starts with. For example, Dr. Azziz’s group was the first to discover that 5-15% of women suffer from PCOS. And that the high rate of obesity in PCOS may be a reflection of referral bias.


Improvements in healthcare begins when we translate new scientific findings to patient care. For example, Dr. Azziz’s team were the first to clearly describe the ability to screen for non-classic adrenal hyperplasia just by a morning blood test.


Better healthcare based on better science is improved when we educate all concerned: patients, physicians, other health professionals, government representatives, and research funding agencies. For example, Dr. Azziz is the Founder of the Androgen Excess & PCOS Society, Inc. dedicated to ensuring the education of the international community regarding these very common disorders.


Improving the Future Through Better Learning


Focused on improving our global community by ensuring a more thoughtful and knowledgeable people.

Dr. Azziz is a long-term and dedicated educator. He is a passionate advocate for maximizing student success, enhancing diversity and inclusion on campus, leadership and young faculty development, and the training of health professionals.

Student Success

Improving student success, through better learning, retention, progression, and eventually graduation rates. And through increased rates of graduate education.

Diversity and Inclusion

In a global economy, an increasing connected world, and a more diverse nation, we must meet the challenge of not only diversity, but also inclusivity, on our campuses.

Leadership Development

Leadership is not just an avocation. It is also a learned skill, which requires life-long training. A skill that is even more critical to assure in higher education and academic medicine.

Health Professions Training

The aging of our population and the increasing incidence of chronic disease and obesity, in the face of increasing longevity, along with continuous advances in the biomedical sciences, clearly demands that we generate more high quality and flexible health professionals of all stripes.

Exploring Creativity


Focused on improving our global community through artistic creativity, that speaks to all peoples in one language.

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