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Ricardo Azziz


Dr. Azziz is a prolific scientific and medical writer, having edited or written nine texts and over 500 articles in a great variety of journals. He has published over 100 blogs, and was cited as one of the nation’s “Top 14” most prolific university presidents in expressing their views by PhairAdvantage Communications in 2014. We invite you to read and share examples of some of his works.

In Development

Dr. Azziz currently has three books in development:


Dr. Azziz has primarily written books in the health sciences, although he is developing a number projects which will bring medical discovery, higher education and leadership closer to the public eye, while other projects will explore his expertise in higher education and leadership.

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Articles & Blogs

Dr. Azziz writes articles and blogs for a wide variety of venues, on topics that range from the medical sciences to higher education, health care, leadership, and occasionally the arts. We invite you to read and share examples of some of his writings.

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